SCI six trak power issues

hi all. ordered my battery from syntaur and installation went well. I only get 2.65 volts on the battery and 2.00 volts on the diode next to the battery (d105). looking at the schematic, battery should give 2.9 voltage and 2.2 volts across d108, which i cannot find. the schematic i have is not every good i cant seem to find d108 on it either! my guess is a reset isnt working and i can get the cpu to boot. does anyone have a hi res copy of schematic?

i measured 4.97 voltage on tl780-05c and 6.42 volts on 7508c

lm337 adjustable pin in shows -11.54 volts. should this be 15 volts?

I found this when preparing my Six Trak for sale.

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