SQ80 Corrupted Waveforms

Operating system is 1.80. All the buttons, keys and features work. Working patches sound good. No visible spills or leaking caps inside. Went through all the testing procedures in the service manual including reinitializing it. I performed all power supply tests on the service manual with a multimeter and it tested within limits and I performed the 2.7 SQ80 Test Procedure in the manual with no issues.
I’m having two problems…
One is with certain waveforms that are distorted and extremely noisy and sound the same from one to another. I’ve removed any modulation to leave the waveforms raw, I’ve selected them in all three oscillators with the same result. For example, the clav, brass string, digi1, digi2, bell2 and some of the percussive waveforms seem to be corrupted and all sound the same. On certain patches that use those waveforms I’ve copied other working patches that don’t contain those waveforms into the same patch slot and they work perfectly so I’m not thinking it’s a ram issue.

The second issue is with the program cartridge. It’s a Voice Crystal 1 and it lights up when I insert it but the SQ doesn’t recognize it at times. I can however load the whole internal bank on to it and it and then it recognizes it and I can access and read all the patches on that bank. If I switch banks it’s a garbled mess. If I load the internal bank into the garbled bank it loads it fine but the prior load on the other bank gets garbled. In reading the service manual it may indicate a bad main board as the cable is inserted right.
Only other issue is a low battery message at startup.
Any thoughts?