Sq80 disc drive dead

I have an sq80 with a disc drive that is not powering up. I ordered a replacement Drive and plugged it in but still have no power. I checked the fuses on the power supply and they all test good with a continuity meter. What should i be looking for? the rest of the synth works fine. Thanks for any help.

Check the voltages on the power lead to the drive. Floppy drives don’t seem to die in my experience. It’s usually the belts that go and can be replaced. Plus the grease on the spindle that moves the head dries out and needs cleaning and regreasing.

Ok so apparently i had the ribbon connector oriented wrong. When i flipped it over and plugged it in i got power to the drive. However, when i try to read or format a disc it says no disc in drive press any key to continue. Ive tried 4 or 5 different discs. I’ve checked the data cable connections and they are seated firmly. This unit had shipping damage when i got it , i had to replace the drive because it was doa. And also the plastic housing for the drive and pitch and mod wheel because it was damaged. The data cable has some pretty hefty creases and what appear to be wear marks. Im wondering if the cable may be bad??