SQ80 Freezing, Glitching, and other issues

Got an Ensoniq SQ80 for $100! Sounds very cool, but I’m experiencing some issues that are making it mostly unusable. Need to know if it would be worth the repairs or if I should just look out for another one in better shape :frowning:

On power up, it says battery low, so obviously that should be an easy enough fix.

Once loaded up, it runs fine. I can select patches and all buttons function. But…

1- Some of the black keys are triggering aftertouch or modulation (wobbly notes) no matter how light I press them. Also keys are very clacky (which I understand is typical of this unit).

2- I’ll be playing a patch and all of a sudden the synth will basically glitch and be stuck playing a sound that is totally different than what was selected, (does like an audible spaz attack) and the whole system is frozen up. Have to restart.

3- Sometimes I’ll be playing a patch and all of a sudden the sound will cut completely out and the whole system will be frozen up. Have to restart.

This isn’t intermittent- it basically occurs every time within a couple minutes of powering the synth up and playing it. Unfortunately, the freezes and spaz out’s are making it impossible to use the synth. Am I way out of my league here?

i had problems with my SQ80 hanging, and I’m not sure if i fixed it but i opened it up and pulled the cable connectors off from the front panel pcb and reset them, and got in to where the battery is and replaced that while i was in there, and a few of the ICs were socketed so i reseated those and it seems to be working ok now. fingers crossed