Starting a Youth Synth Club...Need Advice


I live in Philadelphia and am starting a synthesizer club aimed at targeting underserved youth called Philly Synth Club - there’s been a lot positive support so far, and I even had two microkorg units donated to me. One works great, but the other needs a new keybed. I searched the internet found the absolute cheapest microkorg keybed here on Syntaur, but our budget is so razor thin right now that it’s going to be hard to manage the $70 plus $25 shipping. I was wondering if you know anywhere that sells these keybeds used. I really want to make this happen because there are so many kids that could benefit!! And please, let me know if you have other suggestions too!

Thanks so much for your help!

I have a Korg R3 that is basically an updated featured added microkorg, if its what I’m thinkin of, but I have a micro X too, which is a badass lil monster of a lead synth/controller. My point is watching for parts, even though that are not broken, I see alot of microkorg parts cross referenced on the lists and I have seen cheap keys/bed. Also see alot of what I call fun machines, the type of synth that has speakers and on board easy to navigate everything. Nice thing about gettin parts here is that you are helpin us all with a purchase and if there is a problem, you don’t have to go through all the bull on evilbay and you know you’re gonna get the right parts. How do you put a price on peace of mind? Try settin up a gofundme page or similar or maybe first a FB page for the club and sidebar the info about donating and parts. I have a roland XP -10 with no issues that would be another good start out synth. I can’t do a full donation, I’m disabled with open surgery wounds, but I would let it go for a reduced cost to a club like this or to any syntaur registered contributor that is like minded and will to work out some kind of gear donation. The korg micro X is up for sale as well but above that price range and I won’t discuss pricing on here. The micro x does have the factory case and cord, both in near perfect condition. I’m in atlanta, so it probably wouldn’t be feasible but I could repair a broken donation. I know of this place in texas that has a shiton of parts…