TS-10 bad poly aftertouch?

I just got a TS-10. The poly aftertouch is pretty much useless on it. You have to do handstands to get it to do much. The black keys are easier, but not much. I imagine it is due to the position of the key end being over the rubber bushing. Does anyone know if the poly aftertouch was crap on these or is it just the bushings are done? Is there a source for new bushings or an alternate to make this feel good?

hey, an earlier post noted that if you turn off the keyboard and then press hard on the keyboard then turn it on again it seems to reset the polytouch. but also noted that if any of the circuitry on the keypad is damaged then the polytouch is turned off. it has to go through a calibration first (I beleive its an averaging measurement of the inductance of the keys to the sensors) if this cannot be calibrated (one of the sensors is not working) then you will get an abort calibration, and will not have the aftertouch capabilities. this is for all ensoniq polytouch keyboards. but there is a problem in the TS line where it might not finish the calibration and just hang, it can still be used via midi input and if you have sound diver you can change the patches and edit the synth but you wont get any response from the display or from the front panel. this most likely a software glitch.