UltraProteus Intermittent Power

I have an E-MU UltraProteus that is experiencing an intermittent power issue. There seems to be a part on the power board that looks like it oozed or melted in the attached picture. If someone knows what this part is and/or if there may be a replacement I can use I would be grateful. The item in question here has TOCO 8 stamped on the top side.

I’ll also need to replace the headphone jack that somehow became completely dislodged in transit to me when the seller shipped it with way less than adequate protection. So I’m in deep!

VR1 looks normal. Check for bad solder joints.

Thank you Efftheman60: I will check the solder joints.

I did find a NOS power board that is stated to work with the Ultra Proteus but looks slightly different in configuration, though all the connector look the same. I wonder if perhaps it is just a newer revision of the power board I have installed. Your opinion and/or assessment would be appreciated.

Here’s the correct board, at EPR Electronics - they are the experts on all things E-mu. This board is more expensive than the one you found on eBay, but it will definitely be correct. Maybe it can be a good comparison for the one on eBay.

Thank you Sam. I never mind paying a bit more to ensure the part is correct. And eBay… well; never can be sure. Appreciate the lead on the proper board.