USB type B repair. Desoldering and soldering in a new one

I have yet to repair a USB type B port with 100% success. Most all of the PCB boards I have seen seem like they are throw away and not repairable. Some nicer devices have solid solder points that are reinforced. I have seen the nicer PCB boards only on YouTube, particularly the focusrite clarret audio device.

My real question is,
Are some PCB boards not really meant to be repaired? Even with good desoldering with a vacuum, and quality soldering job?

I have had success soldering many other things onto PCB boards just not USB type B ports.

Thanks in advance , and a BIG THANK YOU! to Syntaur for saving my gear so many times!

What products are you talking about? I’ve seen some truly awful boards on cheap USB midi keyboards but still never really have trouble with USB B ports (only when customers attempt it themself :stuck_out_tongue: )