Would the people at syntaur be intrestested in buying some older synth parts?

I have a couple 2 parts from separate keyboards I do not need anymore. I was wondering maybe the workers here would purchase them as I don’t want these parts to go to waste.

  1. Keybed from korg kronos 2 88. (RH3)

    • some keys stay stuck down. I didn’t want to spend the time on ordering parts and not actually fixing the issue. might be an easy fix for experienced ones.
  2. Yamaha LC35310 activator board.

    • 1 of the 12-note (bank) contact assembly is corroded, not usable. but the rest are fine, including the 13-note contact. I had a tough time finding a replacement. I ended up ordering a whole part. so maybe they could find use for the rest?

These items are basically useless to anyone else rather than keyboard repair shops. I have no shops locally, so I cant even go there. I figured Id give a try here.