Yamaha FS1R Replacement Knobs

I just bought a Yamaha FS1R, which has been a multi-year wait (these are soooo darn expensive)… but the unit isn’t perfect. No control knobs… which shouldn’t be too bad.

My question is: are all Yamaha knobs have the same or similar connecting backs?
This is my 1st piece of Yamaha gear, I’ve been collecting Roland and Korg up to now. It’s going to drive me crazy until I get these knob posts covered with actual knobs.

I was also wondering: This is a 220v unit and I’d like to get it converted to 120v. Is this possible? I have a stepdown converter but it’s used up on my Technics WSA1R (which I’d like to convert to 120v someday too - don’t know if that’s possible either).