Yamaha QX1 replacement tact switches

Hi folks, my first post here and I’m wondering if anyone has repaired the tact switches on a Yamaha QX1 sequencer. I own two of these beasts, and the most commonly used keys are failing or failed on both of them. I’ll update this post with the part number from the service manual, but that specific switch is no longer in production and I’m not sure what readily available switch I could use as an alternative.

We don’t have the service manual here, so I can’t cross reference the tact switches. So any part numbers you could provide would be helpful - as would a photo.


Try Mauser they sell parts like this.

I bought some for a Roland Juno 106 and they worked like a charm. The hard part is “guessing” which ones to buy. Keep looking for a service manual or look on the tact switch itself for any clues.

OOOPS PS its Mouser not the other spelling :slight_smile: