100v Japanese Roland AJ2 need transformer?

Finally received my Roland Alpha Juno 2 from Japan! Really exited to play it but I noticed unlike some newer Japanese equipment, on the back panel by the plug it states 100v 50hz/60hz. I’m in the US and we have 120v here so I’m wondering if I plug the synth in to my power conditioner along with my other synths will I be burning it out over time? I’ve read that I need to get a step down transformer For it but cannot find any reliable information online on specific details. I’m wondering if I need it in the first place. I also have read that transformers do not play well with surge protectors/power conditioners. I keep all of my music equipment on such devices at all times and would absolutely like to keep this Juno on a surge protector/power conditioner. I use the brand furmann if I’m not mistaken. I want to know if it’s safe to plug a step down transformer into my surge protector. I also feel as if it might be necessary to mention that I record music with my synths and with that comes long sessions that can easily turn into all-day recording sessions and I’m wondering if this little step down device can handle hours and hours of operation consecutively. Most likely going to run to a local store today to see if they have any of these step down transformers but if anyone has any information they could share on this topic id greatly appreciate it! I’ve read some places I don’t need it on Roland stuff, but I have also read the opposite. I’d always like to be as cautious as possible with this precious vintage gear and keep them in as best condition as possible for as long as possible! Thank you!