1987 Alesis HR-16

I’m wondering where to get a power cable for one of these…

This adapter seems to work with just about anything Alesis:

As long as your HR-16 takes a barrel connector, you should be good with this.

I believe it does. Thank you!

Hi, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but this is incase you’re not… the old Alesis gear has an internal lithium battery that needs to be changed if you haven’t changed it over the years. It’s a lithium CR2302 . My Alesis MMT-8 Midi Sequencer just got it’s new battery. These batteries can be purchased at a CVS or Rite Aid. They are also simple to change. Enjoy!

On my MMT-8s, the batteries are barrel shaped with solder tabs.

Do you have the Gray MMT 8 or the Black MMT 8 model? Mine is the Gray model. I’ve seen the inside of the Black MMT 8 so long ago. Back in the early 90’s If your talking about that model I do remember a Purple Lithium battery soldered to the pc board. Correct?

I have three of the Grey MMT-8s, and one of them even has the old power connector.

I actually prefer to have a soldered in battery. No mechanical connections that might oxidize. I only meant to point out that you should open the case before ordering a battery.

Hello colleagues. I bought an Alesis HR-16. Unfortunately, the copy is tired :frowning: Can you tell me a few things? What type of power switch is here? What is the original power socket? Could someone show me the dimensions of the potentiometer caps, I would like to make a 3D model and print it.