220V conversion (?)

I came across a Samick digital piano for almost nothing this week that looks like fun. But, it is setup for 220V using a euro plug. Has anyone tried converting something like this to 110V? I ordered a 110v to 220V converter plug for about $15, but I am thinking about making the changes to the keyboard to use 110V. Covid has brought out some weird deals lately. Thanks…Tony

It would totally depend on the unit itself. If you get lucky, the power supply might actually have a transformer that can be wired for either 110v or 220v. Otherwise, you might have to completely swap the power supply. No way of knowing until you open it up and have a look. Is there a service manual for it?

Hi Dan, I can’t find anything on this keyboard except the owner’s manual. So, without a service manual I am at a little disadvantage. I’ve attached a photo of the transformer, so I appreciate anyone who can let me know the rewire diagram. The black and white wires terminate in a plug that is tie strapped to the chassis and is not connected to anything.
The other side of the transformer is connected to the main board. I am okay with trading it out, if that would do the trick. I have a 110v to 220v step up transformer available to me tomorrow, so I can at least determine if the keyboard is worth the effort before I start buying parts. It has a Fatar keybed, so at least that part should be serviceable. Thanks in advance…Tony

Samick is still in business, you should ask them.

A converter plug will not work.

I scoured their website, but have not contacted them directly. I’ll try that.
What is the issue with the converter plug? Thanks…tony

The converter plug only changes the physical connection… not how it handles the voltage, unless it’s actually a “true” converter, which usually uses a transformer inside it. Running a transformer from another transformer is not recommended.

Got it. This is a converter (step up) transformer plug that converts 110V 50/60 Hz to 220V 50/60 Hz.
I agree, unless I can find someone at Samick who can identify the specific transformer I need to replace this one, it would probably do a lot of damage. This is an older keyboard that Samick does not list support for and I’ve been unable to find the service manual, so not much chance of switching out the inside electronics. But, it is a fun diversion.
Thanks again…Tony

I doubt that the plug with the black and white wires is not connect to anything. Please make pictures of that plug and the area around it. Try to take pictures from all wiring from the power cable inlet or power socket via the power switch up to the transformer.

Also pictures of the main board would be good, where the red and orange wire are connected to.

My guess is the black and white wires are the mains side, especially if the red and orange wires go to the main board.