3D Print Juno 106 Buttons

Hello, I’d like to make a SolidWorks file that can be used for people to 3D print the Juno 106 buttons that are near-impossible to find anywhere. As they are near impossible to find, I do not have any. I would like to purchase a set containing each; a 1-button, 2-button, and 3-button set. They can be any color, obviously.

If anyone has one of each of these, please let me know, as I would like to purchase them. In return, I would happily send the 3D-printing file, in the format of your choice.

I can print these out for you I have sls and sla machines. With sls you have strength and slightly rough surface where sla is smooth surface but strength is not as good

Please send me the file in .stl format to rwalleytx@gmail.com

I’ll be happy to distribute the .stl freely, but as I stated, I don’t have any buttons to use for reference. If someone supplied those, or even accurate construction drawings, I could make the file.

This post is essentially requesting someone to sell me one of each type of button (1-button, 2-button, 3-button), with which I will create the .stl file from. Without that, or accurate drawings, I cannot make them.

Sorry about that I did t realize you didn’t have a drawing done already. Good luck on your search but I’m sure ebay has these and its better to have original.

Hi there chapterhaus, I also need a set of new grey and blue buttons. Did you get yours 3D printed?

Hope to hear from you!

Greetz from The Netherlands!

Hi RWalleyTX, Can you print the JUNO 106 buttons blue and grey full set? And what does it cost?

Greetz, Albert from The Netherlands