Advice on Juno 6 voice repair

Hi all. New forum member, but longtime Syntaur fan.

I recently inherited a lovely Juno 6 and I have found that it seems like a single voice is out. I understand that the 6 is not like the 60/106 and uses discrete parts so it’s a more involved repair. I also realize that it might be anything from the oscillator to the filter to the amplifier on that one voice. I haven’t cracked it open yet so I was looking for someone with more experience with the Juno 6 to point me in any direction that could help me figure out where to start - what are the most likely places that fail in the circuit?

I also have a 106 with a bad voice as well and just bought a replacement from Syntaur so I will be doing that as well. That seems like a more-documented repair out there on the interwebs. It’s too bad the two synths aren’t more similar in that respect.

Thanks in advance.