Akai AX-60 Keybed Restoration

I have an AX-60 that I have restored to working condition. I now wish to take it to the next stage by addressing the keyboard which is very noisy. I’d like to do some research into reworking it but I don’t know which keybed it uses - likely one common to other instruments. Would anyone know if it is a major keybed supplier (fatar, etc) or another instrument that uses the same keybed? I could research other instruments for advice and tips as there is nothing on the AX-60 keybed that I can find.


Would also love to know this! did you ever find anything out?

On one of the 4 units I’ve seen, it is labelled as an ESK-7022 5N2 (see photos below)

It is using K32U keys (avail here at Syntaur)
-> https://syntaur.com/keys.php?key=K32U

It is the same as many synths. Here’s my list:
Akai X7000
Kawai SX-210
Kawai SX-240
Korg DW-6000
Korg EPS-1 (slightly different key, but same technique)
Korg Mono/Poly
Korg Poly-61
Korg Poly-800
Korg Polysix
Korg RK-100
Moog Memorymoog
Oberheim OB-8 (later versions)
Sequential Circuits Max
Sequential Circuits Multi-Trak
Sequential Circuits Prophet 600
Sequential Circuits Six-Trak
Sequential Circuits Split-Eight

It’s a fairly easy keybed to take apart and restore.
If it is noisy, changing the felt will help a lot, but careful about dimensions and felt density.
Donc get crappy felt on eBay. Ask Syntaur, they will know what ot recommend.

2 Photos:

(see other photo in following post)

2nd photo (close-up):