Akai AX60 Slider Cap equivalent

I am looking for a slider cap replacement for the Akai AX-60.
Item=5339 - which is out of stock as well as the white one - I’ve signed up to be notified, but am not holding my breath.

So I have been searching for a comparable replacement to fit:
Item=2187 (can’t post 2 more than 2 links)
Which I was hoping would be generic enough that other slide potentiometer caps might fit it, but having a low and ‘squat’ shaft, it seems the cap needs an extended shaft cap.

I’m hoping a that someone at Syntaur or on here might be able to confirm if any of the following might work, it’s hard to tell as the slider part doesn’t have measurements, but looking at the pics, these seem to have the extended shaft that may be about the same size:

or item=3917

Alternatively I’ve found some options to 3D print one, and I ordered one off of Shapeways to see if it works, but I much rather have a molded part.

Curious if you’ve found a replacement. I’m in the same boat.