Akai MPC 60 Mk.1 No text on screen

Hi everyone, I recently bought a very cheap MPC 60 as a restoration project. The biggest problem with it is that when turned on, the backlight comes on and the LEDs on the buttons work, but no text is displayed on the screen at all! The PSU capacitors seem to be replaced from their original yellow stock ones, the fuses are fine, and no burnt resistors. Could it either be the OS chips or the LC7981 chip near the LCD connector that have gone bad? I’ve hit a brick wall on this, and would like to get some outside input.


I doubt it is an OS chip issue - bad EPROM data usually means the unit won’t operate at all. Without doing some diagnosing, it’s hard to say if the display itself is bad, or if it’s just not getting any info from the rest of the unit. That could mean anything from a main board problem to a connector problem.

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Thanks for the response. This narrows it down to a possible board issue, since I haven’t received any results from trying the screen from my Akai S1000, or cleaning/reseating the connectors in the machine.
Now the hunt is on for spare boards and parts machines!

In case of … i had nearly same issue with a mpc2000xl someone brought me for repair and it was just a software tweak somewhere in a sub- menu that allowed me to adjust a correct contrast and everything is fine now. Maybe it’s the same deal with the mpc60 mk I ?

I don’t think the mk1 has any software tweaks like that, just the contrast knob on front. Maybe the pot on mine is just dead? I’ll have to check that one out…

Progress! I ordered a replacement pot from syntaur and now i actually do get some text on startup! Sadly though it fades away after a couple of seconds.