Akai S6000 Boot Issues

Apologies for the long post, but I find it necessary to give all the details to a question if you are seeking a proper detailed and thorough answer… Thank you in advance for reading.

I purchased a used Akai S6000 from a seller on Reverb. I was excited when it arrived, I quickly pulled the unit out of the box, plugged it in, connected the LCD to the unit with the new 9 pin female to female monitor cable I purchased prior to its arrival, I turn the unit on, and nothing happened. All I saw was a black screen with the occasional horizontal white line which would scroll down the screen. I remembered reading in the description the seller did not have the original display cable which, is why purchased one.


Thinking the issue could be the LCD, I had an extra S6000 LCD I had refurbished so, I connected it to the unit and got the same black screen and white scrolling line. I then checked the S6000 manual for proper cable length, hoping a shorter cable would fix the problem. However, this was not the case the manual states that the VGA cable can be several meters (10m) long. The cable I purchased is 1m/ 3.3 feet in length. I then conducted visual check of the Akai LCD Display Port Board and cable. I did not find any cracks, burned out resister, chips, or broken wires. Since there was no way to test the display port board other than using another unit’s motherboard, I ordered a used S6000 mainboard off eBay.

After receiving the new mainboard and installing it, I switched on the S6000 and got the black display. Oh, I forgot to mention earlier, all of the menu lights across the bottom of the display remained on (Solid Green). I removed all unnecessary expansion cards and ram to verify none where bad and causing the issue. They are not the problem! During a quick lunch break, I took a look at the display cable packaging. After reading the label on the packaging, I realized I had ordered the wrong cable. The cable I ordered was a “Null Modem Serial Cable” WRONG!!! Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself just to keep things in perspective. I navigated back to the Amazon website where I had purchased the wrong cable to locate the proper cable. However, I did not find any 9 pin LCD/ Video type cables that were female to female. So, I went back to my work bench (my dining room table) and I did the unthinkable. I picked up the new serial cable I had just purchased, slipped it between the blades of my wire cutters, and I cut the cable in half. I know the horror! At this point, I had no choice but to press on and make something happen.

I reengineered the cable’s wiring and in about 40 minutes I was looking at the Akia splash screen “AKAI Professional S6000 V2” with one caveat. The system does not complete the boot process. When the unit is first powered on all the clear button across the bottom of the display are luminated green after a few seconds they are again clear. The unit then hits the boot sequence point immediately after the “Utility” menu button glows green again and stay green indefinitely the screen displays the Operating System Version. None of the buttons on the unit respond to being pressed. Is there something I missed in the wiring?

Thank you