Akai S612 replacement Slide Pots

I am looking for replacement slide pots for an Akai S612. I am not too bad with a soldering iron, but lack the technical know-how to back into the correct part. Hoping that one of you kind people can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!

We haven’t even gone through an S612 to map out what parts it uses - but we’ve had one in our warehouse, so I pulled it out, and I will try to tear into it in the next day or so. Stay tuned…

The best replacement we can find is this one:

Everything will be correct with this part, except that the shaft is not black plastic with the indicator line - the pot with that shaft is no longer manufactured. Our part #4131 has a metal shaft of the same length as the Akai part, so it will look slightly different - but you could spray paint the shaft and make it a better match. (Just be sure you tape off the rest of the pot - you don’t want to get paint inside of it!) Other than that, it is an exact replacement, and should work perfectly.

Both pots on the S612 are identical, by the way. So #4131 will replace either of them.

Years later and I find my original question with answer on your forum. Thanks for the help! I’m looking to update most of the pots on another poor condition unit. Do you know or have available replacement pots? Thanks again for all the informant and help!

The potentiometers have a quite special shaft:

I doubt, that you will find a modern replacement.

So the best should be to desolder the potentiometers from the pcbs, disassemble them, clean them with Caig Faderlube FL5 and seal them with FL100; then reassemble them and solder them back on the pcb.