Akai S950 no power

I have an Akai S950, it got left on for about a week on accident, and since then has not turned back on. I also got it a few years ago with a very poorly installed LCD replacement, it was not screwed onto the front securely, so it slowly seemed to become dislodged behind the face place. It no longer powers up, I don’t see any lights or anything, I don’t think it’s getting any power, but I don’t know that for sure.

I took the case off and don’t see any obvious damage. Where would I start on getting this fixed?

Not sure what your skill level is, but you should start with the power supply. Get a service manual so you know what the voltages should be and start measuring voltages.

Thanks for the reply. I’m not particularly skilled at this, but my friend is an electrician, so he’s going to bring me a multimeter and teach me how to use it. I’d really like to learn how to repair stuff like this, so at least its an opportunity to learn. I’ll report back with what I find.

Here’s a link to the 950 service manual

Thank you.

Ended up being a blown fuse, got it fixed just now. Thanks for the help, this is the first electronics thing I’ve ever fixed.


Well, I of course spoke too soon and jinxed the whole thing. I came back in a few days later, turned it on, used it fine for a few hours, came back the next day and back to no power. I test the fuses, the same exact fuse location blew out (the circuit board with the 4 of them right next to each other), so I replace it and still nothing. Right where the power cable connects to the first circuit board, there’s 2 little metal pads, im getting the same ~1.8 reading on the multimeter, set at 400A. I also get a good reading on that fuse. But the 2 pin outs on that board both show a reading ~.05. So I’m guessing its that board, right? I can add pictures if need be. Is that something an electronics repair guy might be able to fix or should I start looking for spare S950s to get parts from? Thanks again in advance.

Clearly something has failed on the power supply boards. I think a electronics repair guy can repair it. But I also think it would help if it was a guy who specializes in working on this kind of gear. Im fairly certain that the S950 uses the same power supply as a S900. But Im not a 100% sure since the service manual I have for the S950 doesn’t seem to be complete.

Yeah this is pretty much beyond me. There’s a local shop that works on vintage music gear, I imagine they’ll be able to handle it. Thanks for the help

No Problem…:slightly_smiling_face: