Aleis QSR sounds malfuctioning


Thanks for the great forum! This is my third post, and really a prime reason for my joining. I am looking for some help with understanding what might possibly be wrong and how if maybe there is a fix.
My Alesis QSR piano sounds (all of them piano based programs) have wierd behavior where distortion kicks in. It is constant and sporadic. I could attach or link to a example if you like to hear it.
It only happens in the piano sounds. I play a few notes and one starts to wildly randomly distort. I play a full chord, and the whole thing is distorted. I play a few notes in a melodic line and one note starts to distort, on any random key, but primarily or more often in higher registers, but really without any consistency.
Have you ever heard of such a thing, and do you know what might be causing it and how to maybe fix it?
Please let me know if you need any further info or would like a sound bite (byte) example.


Have you tried reinitializing the QSR? That may solve the trouble easily (or it may not…) Here is the process:

If your unit behaves erratically or “freezes”, the first step is to power down the unit
and power it back up again. Disconnect any cables connected to the MIDI IN jack,
and make sure that a sequencer or keyboard is not sending messages to the QSR that
would make it behave erratically (such as a long stream of pitch bend messages on 16
channels simultaneously). If these steps do not solve the problem, you must re-
initialize the software

To re-initialize the QSR, hold down both CURSOR buttons while turning
on the power. This will reset all Global parameters to their default settings, and will
initialize all edit buffers so that all Mix, Program and Effects parameters are reset to
their default settings. However, none of the Programs, Mixes, or Effects are changed
when re-initializing the unit.