Alesis QS-8, 88 weighted-key Synth/Controller

Alesia QS-8…all buttons, wheels, etc. are working , however, it automatically modulates all the way up, within a minute of start-up. It acts like a short in the tuning circuit, or a 2/3 octave pitch-mod, it goes up and then stays there. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thanks for reading this!

Did you ever resolve this issue?
I have the same problem with my Alesis QS6. I have only found one other forum covering this issue that seems to be a very common hardware problem with the QS series keyboard’s controller potentiometers, in my case the QS6’s Data Control A and pitch bend wheel that doesn’t seem to function or functions erratically making the pitch drift all over the place. I have tried controlling a VST via midi with the unit and the random extreme pitch drift affects the VST, so it seems to the hardware in the QS. Suggestions from that forum for a fix was resetting the unit (powering on pressing 0 and 3 … does not fix permanently), and programming the midi CCs to make those controllers not functional (temporary fix and takes away vital control features needed by those data slider and wheel). I am able to temporarily stabilize my unit’s pitch by keeping the Data A Controller slider at a value of “50” (in the middle) and not touching it. (The QS8 has 4 data sliders and I can not comment on what to do with those except try what I did for a temp fix.) One user said he had luck fixing this by deoxifying the contact potentiometers of these parts and resetting the unit properly. I plan to pick up some DeoxIT-D5 solution to try this. I reached out to Syntaur to ask if they had seen and repaired units with this issue before. Carlos has replied supportively, but with questions, so the answer to that question seems to be ‘no’. Syntaur does have all these internal hardware parts listed on their website if cleaning the controller pots does not resolve the problem. I will report my progress here as I go. The black (1st gen) QS series are a beautiful line of keyboards from the time, are built like tanks with nice playable key beds and are worth fixing (on the cheap) if we can find the best solution for this problem.

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