Alesis QS 8 Manuals / Infoshare

Looking for ANY manuals on the QS 8 and have a very nice one with upgraded LCD for sale. I lucked into 2 and common sense fixed the “uglier” one. Both do have yellowed keys. If you know what this is then share your knowledge here. I am in Atlanta, Ga. the Qs 8 is a 60 lb tank of a synth and was Alesis’s flagship in the 90’s. Hammer action keys AND poly after touch!!!. I really could use the manuals, even copies as this synth is a keeper. The one have for sale is really nice in all aspects and if somebody wanted the correct factory display in theirs I would swap them. I plan on gettin proficient in QS repairs and if you have a rhodes piano that needs refit, this QS will satisfy that craving for a set of keys to bang on,lol,whille your rhodes is down. Shippin on this will be a serious cost, but I will deliver it in the southeast for a fair price. Email me direct or honk at me here.