Alesis QS-8 - Not Powering

I recently picked up this Synth in not-working condition and I wanted to know if anyone had any ideas or leads on how it could be fixed. So far I haven’t had any luck trying to get it to power on - besides for once when the LCD turned on for a few seconds only to turn off and not power on again. I’ve ordered a new 3V to see if that helps, but if anyone has any other ideas on what I can test / try please let me know!

Begin with replacing ALL the electrolytic capacitors in the power supply and the ones on the board. It is a little time and little money fix for a great keyboard. Notice some are probably cracked or tops swollen in a keyboard of that age. I have the QS7. Send me an email with QS8 in subject and I’ll send you some stuff you may want to keep for the unit…

I meant to say I have schatics and a internet troubleshooting guide that is excellent information. Schematics show power supply parts and the document explains updates alesis did to improve design or performance. One re. Wad to install some biasing caps and the next rev removed them…live and learn.