Alesis QS8 Case Screws

I am in the process of re-rehabilitating a QS8 that may be an abandoned repair. All of the case screws at the back panel are missing. does anyone know what the correct screw size is? The screw holes are pretty shallow, presenting a golden opportunity to mess things up badly by test fitting screws or gauging with a tap.
Edit: In a rare moment of brilliance I realized I could take the existing screw to my local hardware store and likely figure out a match. 6-32x1/4 if anyone is interested.

Surprised it wasn’t metric.

That was my first guess too. I did a test fit with a metric nut and it was close but not quite right.
Next on the agenda is the PCMCIA sockets. It looks like the original owner and/or auction house left the Q cards in the sockets, put it in a gig bag and stored it on it’s back with the full weight of the unit on the cards. The eject mechanism doesn’t do much at this point. Just pushes the card out a hair. I have no idea what the normal operation should be like. The cards are slightly tweaked as well. Ah, the joys of working on vintage gear.

The card does not pop out like a floppy disk so to speak. Just enough to slide the card out of the socket. If you can easily remove the card once it is ejected then you should be good to go.