Any RKM14L503F for a juno-106

Hello, I am looking for a RKM 14L 503F (R / 2R 12 bit network) to restore a JUNO-106. It seems that it is possible to make one but I do not know how to do it. An assembly plan and the necessary equipment would be useful to me. thank you so much.

Bonjour, je recherche un RKM 14L 503F (R/2R 12 bits network) pour restaurer un JUNO-106. Il parait que c’est possible d’en fabriquer un mais je ne sais pas comment le faire. Un plan de montage ainsi que le materiel necessaire me serait utile. merci beaucoup.

Sometimes the schematic will show the layout of the resistor network - in other words, what it would be like if you used individual resistors. So you can use this to configure your own replacement.

Which board is this part from on the Juno-106?

Hello. In the list, it’s in the resistor array part. Number 13919146. On the board module, it’s the RA3. Thank you.