Are C2878A and C2878B different?

Hi I’m fixing my Juno 106 and trying to replace C2878A Transistors.

I just ordred transistors few days ago and just remebered that I have some C2878B transistors for another gear. so I looked datasheet and seemed like they have same specs.

Is it just naming C2878A and C2878B so I can replace it to another or they really are different ?


A transistor is a pretty simple device. As long as the operation currents and voltages are within spec, the only thing that really changes is the pin position of the base, emitter and collector, and even those pretty standard for a basic half-cylinder transistor.

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I ran both transistor part numbers through the part cross reference program at BOTH transistors come back to an NTE-85 thus you should be ok.

Good luck on the Juno-106 repairs.


Hi thanks for reply!

I found that A and B has different hfe classification. it doesn’t seem to be huge but anyway I got both A and B just in case.

but actually issue solved after I stripped the voice chip.

thanks again for reply!