ARP Avatar and Korg Mono/Poly CV in and out

Hi there. I’m trying to figure out if the ARP Avatar will pass CV and gate signals (and trigger for that matter). The Avatar has its whole guitar pitch to CV circuits, but when a CV input is plugged in it bypasses all of that, at least for the CV. Not sure about gate or trigger.

From the schematic, it looks like the CV jack would pass that signal to the CV output, maybe even without the unit powered on. But the gate, and trigger, look like the inputs go on to other circuits and may not have a direct/passive path back to those outputs?

Either way, what I’m basically trying to figure out is: if I have CV, gate, and trigger into the Avatar (in my current case from a Kenton Pro Solo Mk 1), will it pass those three signals back out without any alteration? I want to chain other synths (Korg Mono/Poly, Oberheim Two Voice, Micromoog) using as few input signals/controllers as possible. I think all those are 1 V/Oct except the Micro is 0.95 just for fun.

Same question would then go for the Mono/Poly, if it had CV and gate coming in, would it also pass it along to the outputs direct?

I assume the answer is yes, but hoping to get any confirmation. I’ll report back with any findings as I try it out…