Arp Axxe Black Key Replacement

Hello Folks,
I need to replace a black key on my Arp Axxe. I’ve seen two different model #'s MK 1 & Mk 2. How do I tell which mine is? I’ve also read where all the black keys are the same. Is this true? Thanks In Advance

All of the black keys across the keyboard are identical. If it is a Mk II, it most likely uses these keys - and we only have stock remaining of the black keys. You’re lucky!

But look at your keys first, to make sure they are these, and not the earlier Axxe style that uses a metal bracket and a plastic key. Arp liked to mix things up a lot, so there are no hard and fast rules about which models used which parts.

Sorry, somehow I got the idea that yours was a Mk II, but you did not say that…

The Mk I is black with gold color scheme, the Mk II is black with orange. They do use different styles of keys.

this is mine…MK1?

Yes, that is a Mk I.

thank you…is it a big job to replace that key or can an amateur do it?

It’s not difficult. There are a few screws that hold on the bottom panel. Once that panel is removed, it’s fairly easy to remove the entire keybed assembly (but I don’t recall exactly how this is done). You don’t have to remove the keybed completely, or disconnect any wires - just get it loose enough to be able to get to the top of the keys. Then its just one screw that holds the plastic key onto the metal support bar.