ARP Omni 2 - CV output mod?

Hi there - new to the forum. I’m wondering if any of you out there have any thoughts for me: Hoping to create a CV output from my ARP omni 2, in order to control other CV synths. The Omni 2 already has gate out and trigger out… but no CV out (or in - there is a VCF CV in).

I’m pretty sure, from my restoration of this thing a few years ago, there has to be CV flowing inside… right? Is it as simple as finding that signal and wiring an output? Or is there a reason there’s already no CV out on the panel? Apologies as I’m not at all savvy with CV.

Any thoughts much appreciated!


As you know, a synth uses CV to control the pitch of notes (among other things). On a paraphonic instrument like the Omni 2 (and other string machines and organs), pitch is instead controlled directly by which key is pressed. There are literally 12 different circuits for 12 different notes, then there is divide-down circuitry to create the notes for the lower octaves. In other words, the top C key of the Omni has a circuit that generates that pitch, then the next lower C is made from that same circuitry, but with the a frequency divided to exactly half that of the top C, and so on for all of the C’s.

Because of this, there is no need (and hence no circuitry in the Omni 2) for pitch control via CV.

Thanks Sam!! Much appreciate you taking time to respond and help me learn. That makes good sense, thank you for explaining the divide-down circuit so simply.

Just curious - what kind of scenario would one use the gate/trigger outs alone from the Omni, without note pitch (CV)? Rhetorical/naive question I guess.

Thanks again.

I guess you could trigger another synth set to play a noise burst, to add a noise attack layered with the Omni sound. Otherwise, you’d be triggering a drone note on a second synth - which could be good in some applications. But overall, it does seem of pretty limited usefulness (unless I’m missing something).