ASR-10 Freezing up and Error 129

I’m starting to have issues with my ASR-10 after 10 years of owning it. It will frequently freeze up and I’ll have to turn the power off and on to restart it. I’ve also been getting an error 129 message. Is the is a RAM issue? Or an OS issue? Please advise.

Unfortunately, the ASR error messages seldom give much of a clue about what is going wrong and how to fix it. They were used at the factory to give feedback when the keyboard was hooked up to a diagnostics system, and are usually of little use otherwise. The only info I have on Error 129 is that it is often caused by bad sequencer data.

Are you getting this error when sequencing on the ASR? If so, it could be caused when you load a certain file that may have gotten corrupted.

That said, it wouldn’t surprise me if you get the error when not using the sequencer, and the error message sheds no light whatsoever. You could be having RAM trouble, and we can explore that next, but first let us know if you are using the sequencer when you get the error.

Hi Sam,

Seems like the issue could have been software related. I was using a couple of floppy disks for a song when I started noticing the issue. When I use my SCSI Zip drive the issue hasn’t come up. Hopefully that’s all it was. Thanks for your help. Happy New Year.