ASR-10 LCD display Blank screen


I’m currently getting my keyboard fixed and the service person ran into an issue with my replacement purple display. After the Ensoniq Logo the display goes blank.
So now I wonder if the older ASR-10s are not compatible with the newer LCD (purple) display? The LCD suppose to work, so I’m guessing I need a newer main board or new parts for it?
My original green display still works, but it has missing characters.

Here’s a video and pictures of the main board:

I would really appreciate some help, so I can narrow down what causing the problem. Thank you!


I have run into the same issue with my ASR-10 (purple LCD version). All parts are original. PS supply voltages measure normal.

What I have found is that if I gently cycle the power switch on/off (without fully flipping it off, if you know what I mean) that I am able to get it to boot up/load the OS without the screen going blank. This tells me there is either a transformer issue on powerup or something beyond that isn’t clocking right. Haven’t had the time (nor extensive enough knowledge) to work past it, but I will keep testing as I find the time.


Ever figure out this issue (or did your tech)?

Hello I know this is super random but I was reading your post and was wondering if you still owned the green display board? If so would u be willing to sell it? I’m located in Michigan.