ASR 10 needs repair

I recently took apart a completely fully working ASR 10 keyboard. The white keys were so yellow. I took the keybed out of the ASR 10 removed all the keys. I restored them back to the original white. I put the keyboard and all parts back together. The first time I tured the power on the LED lights on all the tracks lit up as well as the 3.5" disk drive light and the display asked me to insert the O.S. disk. After I inserted the disk it looked like it was installing the sounds on the disk into the ASR 10. I noticed that the disk drve was making a scratchy type of sound and the process of loading the sounds was done but the disk light was on and it was still spinning for way too long. I turned the ASR 10 off, ejected the disk from the drive. Waited a minute or so and inserted the disk into the drive, powered up but this time there was no display LED characters and the track lLED’s were all lit. The disk drive light was lit as the disk was spinning. I waited thinking the display was going to come on but it never did. I tried shutting down and rebooting. I turned it back on but no display, LED track lights were lit up so I tried pressing the up/ down/ left/ right arrow buttons and then saw various characters from left to right on the display. The last time I tried powering up was todoay. I read the service manual and it basically let me know the ASR 10 was in self testing mode. Also, now there are no lights at all on the ASR 10 when I power up. Not sure what the heck is wrong. I double checked all the internal connections to make sure they were all seated properly. They are all in the correct locations. I need to get it repaired. :weary: Right now when I power on the only lights I see for a split second are the sample input LED’s. It seems completely dead. Does anyone know what a repair might cost? Also, where to send it for a professional repair?