ASR-10 power surge

My ASR-10 experienced a powersurge when the electric went out. It hasn’t functioned since then. Any tips on what needs replacing?

The first place to start would be checking the fuses. You can check them for continuity using a multimeter. Any fuses that have burnt out will need to be replaced with the same type. The service manual has some info on which fuses are needed and where they’re located. Also do a close visual inspection on all the components in the power supply. If anything looks charred or like it was subjected to excessive heat then it will also need replacement.

The fuses may have saved anything else from being damaged but they don’t always depending on the severity of the power surge. Once the burnt fuses are replaced you will be able to diagnose further if anything is damaged.

Obligatory safety warning for working on power supplies:
Always unplug the device from the mains power first before dismantling the device or handling the power supply. There’s lethal voltage in there even with the power switch off so it’s best to have the unit entirely unplugged. To test fuses you don’t need any power applied.

Hope this helps, don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

Thank you for your correspondence. I changed the fuses previously and after doing so and turning the unit on, it powered up for a moment and blue the fuses again.

check the transformer - chances its shorted out. - if a power surge (high voltage) hits the transformer, then it will arc across the windings and create a short, and will blow the fuse. the regulators could be effected as well, which are connected between the caps and the transformer.
if the caps are bulging, then will need replacing - if you haven’t replaced them then do so, they have a limited life span and the ASR-10 is getting at that age now that they will need replacing.


Contact: This is an autorized exclusive Ensoniq repair shop. They have all the parts and the engineer that runs it used to work as an engineer for the Ensoniq company. I’m planning on sending my ASR 10 to this shop for repair. Their website gives you the phone# & address. Best of luck! Sincerely, Mike D.

you will have to phone thesoniq. he doesn’t answer his emails

Hi, I just found a man on ebay that is selling the ASR 10 power supplies. The way it works is this… I just did this myself instead of using thesoniq for a repair. You purchase the fully resored power supply from him on ebay for $100. and you send him your old power supply. The day after he receives it from you he ships out the fully resored working power supply to you. He requests a full power supply board with all parts. He also called me to let me know what brought my power supply down. My problem was a spike in my homes power supply. It caused me to blow 4 fuses and damaged capacitors. I would definitely check him out. He’s extremely knowledgable about Ensoniq gear. His name is Mike Adkins. His user name on ebay is musicman. P.S. After you do the repair I highly suggest never connecting your ASR 10 to a power strip alone. Instad purchase a Belkin power strip/ surge protector with 4300 Joules of protection in the event of a power surge or fluctuation in your home’s power lines. If you plug your ASR 10 directly to AC wall outlet this could cause us to blow fuses. No more cheap power strips either. A surge protector/ power strip is needed. The more Joules the better protection. The Belkin had the highest amount of Joules protection I could find. It cost about $46.00 but could save your ASR 10 & mine from blowing fuses or possibly frying some of the internal PC boards. Also, everytime you blow a fuse from a power surge you’ll blow a fuse. 1 fuse for each internal PC board. That indicates a damaged power supply. Go to ebay and check this out. ASR 10 power supply. Enjoy!
P.S. He’s got a 100% seller rating with tons of great reviews.

good to know. I have never had issues with spikes in all the places I lived, knock on wood.
But it makes me think the extra protection is an extra insurance policy, and a cheap one at that.

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