ASR 10 / SD 1 vacuum fluorescent display issue

For a while now my ASR 10 has a couple spots on the vacuum fluorescent display that don’t light up. Also, there’s a spot that flickers sometimes and then will eventually light up.

And on my SD 1 there’s four different spots that have a piece on a section that is not lighting up as well.

Do I need to get a new display or a display driver to fix the problem?

You may want to check the solder joints on the display pins and possibly driver chips. I had a display problem on an ESQ1. The pins on the VFD looked tarnished and the solder joints didn’t look too bad.
Re-heating the pins and applying fresh solder fixed the display problem.
Hope this fixes your problem.

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Thanks! Yeah, that was my next step to re-seat the display driver. I noticed that there’s one display driver for the ASR 10, but there’s four display driver chips on the SD 1 I believe from what I saw on the SD 1 parts page here at Syntaur. They all matched and were all the same. Just want to make sure before I proceed to make that fix.