ASR-10 VFD Screen missing characters

Hello all, I have an ASR-10 with the the green VFD display. And, like so many others I have a few characters that no longer display. Does anyone know of an aftermarket company that sells or repairs these displays? Can they even be repaired or is it solely trying to find a replacement display?

The process for making these VFD displays has gone out of fashion/feasibility, not to mention many (like this one) are pretty custom, so manufacturing numbers were pretty low. You’d be very unlikely to find a new-old-stock. You might be able to find one, or the whole board with display, from an ASR getting parted out… but you could potentially be on borrowed time with any original display.

The purple LCD screens ones probably offer longer-term feasibility in support, but I don’t know if VFD ASR’s can deal with the LCD panels. Not sure where the logic to drive the display is managed. I would bet it requires (and only requires) replacement of the whole PCB that carries the display board, but I don’t know for sure.

check out on you tube before you replace anything yet search asr display issues just by chance looking for battery replacement for ensoniq esq -1 i saw the guy reseat the chip and it was restored for the display… take a look. good luck

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