ASR-10 will not boot

I have an ASR-10 which will not boot. I replaced disk and drive. Do you have any suggestions?

Can you be more specific ? Does it show the message which asks for the disk or nothing ?

If it gets to the point where it asks for the disk then most likely it is disk drive related.

The ASR uses a non standard floppy drive so i hope the new drive yiu’ve installed is not a generic PC one.

Thank you very much for responding. The seller claimed it was compatible, but I do not know for sure. What about replacing it with a Floppy Disk Emulator Simulation USB Conversion Drive? Floppy Drive Emulator w/ OLED Display for Ensoniq ASR-10 + USB + Sample Library | eBay

So i have to assume the keyboard does show the message asking for the floppy. Correct ?

Before spending more money on new parts you need to pin point the issue.

Believe it or not, one time the data cable went bad on me in an EPS16+.

I’m sorry, but I do not remember if it does or not. The unit is now in the possession of my electronics tech and I will need to retrieve it and get back with you (may take a while). Thanks for your help and patience.