Automating Juno 106 pitch bend over MIDI or SysEx

I want to change the pitch of my Juno, like I would using the pitch bend, but over MIDI/SysEX. I can obviously send MIDI notes to the Juno, but I can’t figure out how to program the pitch to change. I know it’s possible because when I control the Juno with another keyboard (an Ensoniq SQ 80), I can change the pitch of the Juno with the SQ 80’s pitch wheel. I’ve been trying to send CC messages to the Juno from my computer, but the obvious ones didn’t take and there are 70 or so CC parameters, so I haven’t tried them all. Haven’t tried SysEx either, because that is a bit more involved. So basically, I just want to know if someone had tried it and can verify that it’s doable before I dive in and try all the different CC parameters, or figure out how to do it over SysEx.


Figured it out by recording MIDI from Juno and playing with the pitch bend. It does actually record it to… pitch bend CC. I tried automating that before and I swear it didn’t work.

So yeah, it works. I tried to delete the thread, but can’t, so mods feel free to delete it.