Avista Ensoniq 7600

I am the keyboard player for a traveling Christian Theater group. The group performance level is very high.
This particular church where we will be performing does not have a piano in the sanctuary - it has an Avista Ensoniq 7600 keyboard. I am wondering if this is a suitable instrument to accompany broadway level singers.
Can you get a good volume without using an amp?

While the Avista does have built-in speakers, I would not rely on those - I think you’d be much better off having an amp or PA that you could run it through. I’ve never played an Avista, but I think the built-in speakers are meant for solo/practice use, and not for use in a group setting.

Thank you very much for your advice

I wound up bringing a Yamaha P333 with me. I have a Korg - but for this 65 year old, hauling around a 50lb keyboard is a bit much. I plugged it into a small 60watt Marshall amp and it was plenty loud enough.
I think the Korg would have had a better tone quality - but the Yamaha was good enough for church.

The people who would have had to bring the Avista down from the church balcony were appreciative that they did not have to move it.