Backwards Ribbons

How how by just looking at the pins can you tell if the connection is being put in backwards?

Once I open up my ASR 10 the ribbons are pretty straightforward.

But the ribbon that connects the digital board to the keyboard are not parallel to each other in, and I think I blew a fuse by putting it in backwards.

Is there a way by looking at just the pins on any circuit board telling us which direction to plug in a Ribbon OK

Usually the red stripe on a ribbon cable goes to the pin labeled 1 on the connector.

Damn, replaced fuses and miss pinned the ribbon coming off the keyboard assembly and the digital board blew more fuses and my ASR is doing the diagnostic mode on power up because it’s not communicating with the digital board, at least that’s what the service manual says

Try and power up the power supply while it’s not connected to anything else. If fuses still blow you have a power supply issue which is relatively easy to fix. Could still be damage to one of the other boards but more than likely it’s a voltage regulator or other semiconductor in the power supply that has failed.

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Thanks for the info, but some how I’ve damaged the physical power switch. It feels different when you push it, and if you push it to turn it on, it won’t do anything, but if you push, it really really really slow, it will engage somewhere between on and off