Battery Replacement for Korg DW-8000

I’m the original owner of a Korg DW-8000 that needs a battery replacement. Is it something that the average person can do themselves or is it best to take it to a repair shop?

Does anyone have a link to download the original sound files?



Well, it really depends on whether you have skills (and equipment) for soldering and desoldering. Also, you’ll need to remove the main board to be able to solder from the bottom side of it. All in all, it’s a pretty straightforward operation: remove the main board, desolder the old battery (solder wick or a desoldering tool will help), then solder in the new battery - taking care to solder each battery pin fairly quickly so that you don’t get the battery too hot.

I followed this procedure about 10 years ago on my DW8000 and still works great.

Hi, I have the original dw8000 tapes, or, I could try to email the files to you, do you have a manual with reload info, also, be aware that the replacement battery needs to be rechargeable, I contacted Korg uk via phone in 2008, and the person I spoke to didn’t know about the recharge function, it’s clearly stated in the manual at the bottom of page four. The reason I know this, is because my dw battery has expired!!