Behringer Deepmind 12 High Pitched Noise

Hi all

There have been a few posts here and there concerning a high pitched noise that’s audible in the headphone and main out of a Deepmind 12… there have been suggestions that it’s USB noise but I have a DM12 with the noise and I can hear it without using the synth USB… some have suggested it’s fan noise or a ground loop (it isn’t either of these)… someone suggested it’s the power supply causing the noise but didn’t elaborate.

The noise is a high pitched whine (just like my tinnitus!!) and it has been measured to peak at 6KHz and 12KHz… apparently it can even be heard on DM12 demos on You Tube if you listen carefully.

Anyway, I was just wondering if any other DM12 owners have the same problem and also ask the electronics wizards in the forum if they think/know what might be the solution.

Apart from the noise, it’s a great synth.


I have the deepmind 6, I haven’t noticed a noise but I will try to recreate it.
Are there any settings where it can be heard more clearly? I’ll see if mine does this.

It’s not a specific setting… it’s just always there in the headphones and line out… it’s like an electrical noise that’s low-ish in volume but very high in pitch… I hope yours is OK because once you hear it, you’ll always hear it (!?)


No sound reported on my end, hopefully it’s not a common issue!

Hi there, i have the module version of the Deepmind 12 and I have noticed the same problem. A high pitched ring that clearly peaks at 6Khz . It frustrating! I’ve tried changing power cables, jack leads, plugged it into different circuit system in my house but still the ringing persists.

I love this synth and get a lot of usage out of it, however the ringing can be quite frustrating when recording as you have to dip those FQ’s with an EQ after the fact, this can lead to less than ideal sounds when using it for lead or ambient type effects…

A solution would be brilliant!

From the pictures I’ve seen off the internet, it doesn’t look like they put a ferrite core around the leads to the fan.