Buying/testing SSM-2044 for a PolySix

I’m working on a Korg PolySix that has at least one dead SSM-2044.

Going through the Adjustment Procedure from the service manual, I got to step 4 (2) 2) where I’m supposed to confirm a sawtooth wave coming out of each voices. However, of my 5 remaining working SSM-2044, 3 give me a sort of double peak sawtooth, and 2 only give me the top half of the sawtooth. Signal on pin 5 looks especially different on the group of 2 vs the group of 3. (I do not yet understand how the 2044 works, or what pin 5 is about, will be reading up on it)

The differences follow the chips when I swap them around, so I’m pretty sure that the SSM-2044 are the root cause.

All 5 of these chips still produce sound, but the group of 2 sounds noticeably different from the group of 3, so it’s not a good setup for a synth.

I’m assuming that the group of 2, which don’t produce as much of a sawtooth wave, are the “more defective” ones.

But how do I make sure the ones I’m buying from Syntaur are going to match the 3 good ones I have?

And how do I make sure the group of 2 is actually defective and not just different? (I wouldn’t resell defective ones, but if they are just different I will)

The batch numbers don’t all match on all my chips, but that doesn’t seem to be a factor in how they sound.

Thanks for any insights!