C & F#s dead every octave: Yamaha P125

Hi all the C & F#s are dead in every octave. I have a Yamaha P125 88 keys
I’m looking to buy parts from your website. Based on some feedback it seems I need to replace the key contact boards. Do i need to buy all 3 boards?

All keys are selected in groups of 6 - you find that all C and F# are selected by the same select line- therefore your issue is narrowed down to one of three areas; the middle board of the 3 key contact boards at sound the area where the flat ribbon cable going to the main DM board (Main Board) is connected, the ribbon cable itself or the part on the DM board where the key selection is made (ie Buffer chip or key select processor chip)

For experience I would have a closer look at the area in the middle key contact board where the flat ribbon cable is connected.

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate that response!

Do you think I solve all the potential problems by purchasing and installing a new middle contact board?

Maybe … maybe not. I can’t tell before seeing it really … in my experience I’d say about 70/30 chance …

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Thank you! I’d like to try replacing the middle key contact board first and looking at the ribbon (replacing if needed) - then if that doesnt work, purchase the Main Board (which is more expensive). Could you please verify that these are the right parts?

  1. Middle Key Contact Board: Key contact board, 36-note (Mid), Yamaha - Syntaur

  2. Flat ribbon cable : is there a part for this?

  3. DM Main Board: Main board, Yamaha P121/125 - Syntaur