Can you help identify a Roland electric piano from description?

I hope this is appropriate to ask here. If not, maybe some of the experts here can point me in the right direction.

My brother and I have been trying to sleuth out the identity of an electric piano we had growing up. We were born in '87 and '89, so we’re talking about something made in the 80s or early 90s.

I believe it was probably 61 or 76 keys. It had a very simple design in terms of buttons - 6-8 different sound settings, which I believe may have included “Piano,” Piano 2," “E. Piano,” “Organ,” “Harpsichord,” “Vibraphone,” “Strings,” and “Bass.” This selection makes us think it might have been a Roland (plus we’re also pretty sure it had a Roland damper pedal, although oddly enough both the DP-10 and the DP-2 look really familiar to us! Maybe we upgraded at some point).

Beyond that it only had a few other buttons (and no screen): a metronome button with a tempo slider, record and play buttons, and a “demo” button that played four songs in order:

  1. Raindrop Waltz (Chopin)
  2. (or possibly 4!). Fugue in G Minor BWV 578 (Bach)
  3. Arabesque 1 (Debussy)
  4. (or possibly 2!) a Harpsichord piece that we can’t remember.

The piano itself was mostly black. Again, very simple design. The buttons were elongated but rounded - we aren’t sure if they were horizontal or vertical.

Does this sound at all familiar to anyone out there?

My first guess is one of the Roland EP-series pianos. Typically black, with that assortment of sounds.

Did it have built-in speakers or not? The answer to that can eliminate a lot of possibilities.

Thanks Sam! We looked through the EPs and they were very close, but no perfect match. EP-9 came closest. None had the correct demo tracks, however.

Yes, built in speakers.