Capacitors and electronic components?

I have a Yamaha CVP89 or CVP-89.

I am looking for either a PU105M circuit board (pn: VS274100)

or for a capacitor - listed as C012 Semiconductive Ceramic Capacitor 0.1000 16V M
pn VH740700

Any good source or ideas?


Try Mouser online.Huge supply site…

The capacitor is a .1 microfarad 16 volt ceramic type.
These are non critical and used for noise decoupling. Any electronic component store should have one. You can install one rated for higher voltages, so long as the .1uF value remains the same.

Thanks to all replies so far and best wishes to all for 2021!

I have located and installed a new capacitor. It worked – but only for about 2’ .

Not sure what to do next: that was the only component that appeared damaged.

Hi midnightvisions.

Thanks for your reply. I see on the service manual note that the rating is 0.1000 16V.
The units are µf? Is that the standard if none is indicated?

My friend purchased this part number from Mouser:
United Chemi-Con 16Volts 6800uF / Aluminium 10 Electrolytic Capacitors - Radial Leaded\u00FE|
US HTS:8532220020 ECCN:EAR99 COO:CN

6800µf is very much different from .1 microfarad, right? So it looks like we got the wrong part?

After we installed it, the yamaha was back to life for 5’ and then it died again. Could that be explained by the wrong µf rating?


No there is something else wrong with it, but worse there is not enough information to provide any clue what to do next.


yes go with mouser electronics they have everything in regards to capacitors i have 8 for my ensoniq esq-1. look at the rating and the work hours for these parts i went with 5000 hours keep to the factory spec for the uf rating. good luck

Make sure voltage rating is higher or equal to the 16volt you specified. The temperature rating should also be as listed or higher. When replacing electrolytic capacitors make sure the orientation is correct.
I should have read all comments first. Yes sounds like a ceramic decoupling cap to keep noise from coming through power to a integrated circuit (chip). Unless you have a service doc from yamaha saying the vale has changed the .1 microfard sounds about right. And yes your keyboard has other more serious issues that need to be diagnosed and fixed. Please give alot more information on what does and does not work right. Do other presets besides organ work properly?