Casio CDP-200r Issue

Hi guys, having an issue with my keyboard- it isn’t turning on when connected to power- what could be the potential solutions? Still relatively new, had been sitti ng around unused for a while. Have ordered a new power adapter, hoping tha that will fix the problem. Thanks in advance

Hmmm … if the replacement power adapter does not fix the issue … then you have a long trek ahead tracing the power button. The power button triggers a chip on the main board by means of grounding that signal. To get that signal on the main board grounded the trace goes from the button on its own PCB via 3 other PCB’s (and associated connectors) to the main board. I have seen many boards that have corroded traces (the one for the power switch is very fine too) and to make it power on the corroded section has to be by-passed with some fine wire.
Not an easy job … but worked every time in my cases …