Casio commercial/semi-pro keyboard repair

Hi guys,

I have two Casio synths…an HT700 that doesn’t want to save modified tones to the user menu and a CZ101 that appears to have similar memory problems; not saving to user memory. Both were bought on eBay so…their provinance as questionable,… at best. Evidently, all three of us are old and can’t remember stuff!

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get these machines to work so that I can save customized sounds?

I’ve read that the former problem…the HT700 can be either a lithium battery problem or an op-amp issue.

For the latter, the CZ, I’ve read that it may be a software issues???

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Both are dear to me so if you are a tech and can help for a reasonable price,…let me know. The HT was my very first synth (a machine that could make unique sounds) and the CZ is the poor man’s DX21!